Treatment Of Cysts On The Ovary Using Aloe Vera And Honey

Many women today are struggle with the problem of the appearance of cysts in one or both ovaries. Cyst on the ovary is very difficult to cure, but not impossible. In treatment of cysts can help some folk remedies.

For treating of cysts you can try the following: Take the leaves of aloe and put in the fridge to stay for two weeks. Afterwards, finely grate and squeeze the juice from them. Juices that comes mix with honey in the ratio 1: 1, this remedy keep in the fridge.

How to use this natural remedy?

To use this natural remedy of honey and aloe vera, take a teaspoon of the mixture and warm it slowly until the mixture loosened, because previously stood in the cold. Once you have warmed medicated mixture, take an ordinary woman tampon and soak in the healing combination of honey and aloe. The tampon is placed in the vagina and kept overnight so that the drug acts.

To reinforce the effect of treatment try described: While the leaves of aloe passing biostimulation in the fridge, use grated fresh root of camphor, which juice you can mixed with honey in the same proportion as the previous drug 1: 1. And this drug is use as the previous one, with the help of a tampon. Proceed as previous instructions: Dip a tampon into this mixture and place in the vagina overnight. It can be use and camphoric oil, if this plant is unavailable to you.

The first ten days of treatment it is necessary to put tampons with camphor and honey, and make a break of ten days. After a break, for a ten days use a drug of aloe and honey.

If you can, synchronize the menstrual cycle, so that it occurs during a ten-day break, because this folk remedy cannot be used during menstruation.

With this natural remedy, in the same way you can treat cervical erosion, a phenomenon known as sores on the cervix, infertility and other women’s diseases

Dania Heflin

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