Natural Cancer Prevention And Cure No. 1 For Kidney Problems

Due to the high content of anti-cancer compounds and carotenoids this potion an excellent source of folic acid. Beets are rich in antioxidants that protect organism of premature aging and helps preventing many diseases, and in combination with carrot and apple can do a lot for your health. You will need carrots, beets and apples to prepare this potion.

It is best to drain the vein using a juicer and juice obtained leave it to stand for an hour in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Then add juice of carrot and apple. And you may drink it half an hour before breakfast.

It is important not to mix all the ingredients at once. First prepare beet juice which must stand for some time in the refrigerator in an open glass jar. Thus eliminating several harmful substances from the beet, which may cause difficulties, vomiting, and dizziness? When these substances come in reaction with oxygen, they lose their properties and cause the desired effects.

This healthy drink prevents cancer and diseases of the liver, kidney, help treat ulcers and boost immunity. It will eliminate toxins from the body and will improve your breath. It is great for women because it relieves menstrual pain. It improves blood and normalize the condition of blood vessels.

Dania Heflin

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