Meet The Man Who Convinced Himself That The Root Of This Plant Is 100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy!

Scientists have discovered that the root of this plant works better than chemotherapy because it kills all cells, but the root of the dandelion only ones affected by cancer.

John di Carlo, is 72-year-old man who is personally convinced in the healing properties of dandelion. He has been to intense and aggressive chemotherapy treatments, and so for three years before the doctors allowed him to go home and spend his last days with his loved ones…

Given the fact that the doctors had fewer alternatives in finding solutions to combat his illness proposed to him to drink dandelion root tea, but after only four months he experienced a remission of the disease.

At the University of Windsor in Canada survey was conducted at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the results inspire new hope to all those suffering from this serious disease. In fact, they came to the conclusion that the root of the dandelion kills cells affected by cancer. Another useful knowledge is that it has no adverse effect on other cells in the body.

Dandelion tea destroys the affected sells within the 48 hours, and healthy cells remain untainted, according to this research. Continuous treatment with dandelion root can destroy most of the cancer cells in affected patients, and because of unexpected results researchers will continue to study this amazing plant.

Tea made from dandelion roots

Put a handful of fresh dandelion roots in one liter of hot water. Strain after ten minutes. Drink 3 cups a day.

Dania Heflin

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