He Has A Tumor On The Eye, Because He Was Doing Something Before Bed That Many Of You Do. Do Not Make The Same Mistake!

This is not at all naive – 40-year-old man received the diagnosis: a tumor on the eye!

Medical experts, during various examinations found that green light from the screen of mobile phones can cause atrophy of the retina and, therefore, cause blindness.

If you use the phone for a long time in a dark room, for example, at bedtime, all this leads the dryness of the eye, conjunctivitis, and the final outcome is cancer of the eye, even blindness.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, came to an ophthalmologist with severe redness in the eye. He found that for days, before going to bed looking at the phone for 30 minutes.

All this has led to serious damage to the eye, and that there is only one solution – retinal transplantation, which is highly complex and very risky venture for the requirements of today’s medicine!

WARNING: If you already use the phone during the day, do not do it at night, before bed, especially in a darkened room. Eyes cannot be exchanged for new ones!

Source : http://greenhealthyplanet.com/

Dania Heflin

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