German Health Elixir That You Have Not Heard About

The main purpose of this elixir is treatment and the prevention of clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), regulation of the elevated blood fat, prevent fatigue, treat infections and colds, intensive strengthening of the immune system, liver cleansing … It is a beverage composed of garlic, lemon, ginger and water.


  • 4 large heads of garlic
  • 4 complete with lemon peel
  • Small ginger root (about 3-4 cm) or two tablespoons
  • 2 liters of water


Wash the lemon and cut into pieces. Peel the garlic and put together with lemon and ginger in a blender. Mix well until you get uniform mass. So add the blended mixture into a metal bowl, pour 2 liters of water and heat all together with stirring to the boiling point. Immediately prior to the boiling switch off the stove and let it all cool down. Strain through a dense medium strainer and fill into glass bottles.

The beverage is drunk every day for a cup of 2 dl for at least 2 hours before a meal, or on a completely empty stomach. (If you do not mind, you can skip the squeezing and drink thick mixture). Keep the beverage in a refrigerator.

The treatment lasts for 3 weeks with a daily intake of one glass after which you need to make a break of one week, and you can continue eating again in the same cycle. If the flavor does not suit you can add honey to taste. After 3 weeks of use, you should feel a significant regeneration of the body from using beverage. The infusion is in addition to the benefits already mentioned particularly useful in the prevention of calcification in the body that causes stones in organs and vascular congestion.

Dania Heflin

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