Your Foot Shape Will Reveal What Kind Of Person You Are!

Look what the shape of your foot says about you:

LONGER FOOT – If your toes are less compared to the rest of the foot then you are definitely a person who is reliable. When someone says a secret to you, that person can be 100% sure that it remains just between you. You carefully listen to everyone, but you know to change the mood very quickly.

FOOT SO-CALLED “RURAL” – People with feet like this are generally very calculated. Time spent with you is great fun and you are also reliable person. You do not love to be the center of attention.

FOOT SO-CALLED ROMAN – Most people have that particular foot shape. If you are one of them, you are guaranteed a social person who enjoys life. Prefer to work and be successful, and you like attention.

FOOT SO-CALLED GREEK – If you have this foot, then you are definitely struggling with the selection of comfortable shoes. You are cheerful nature and very emotional. Love and expect to be loved.

Dania Heflin

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