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Press These Points For Wherever You Have Pain – Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

Western medicine has not yet satisfactorily addressed chronic pain or discomfort in varying parts of our body. Alternative medicine can often be light-years ahead when it comes to relieving pain. Although a combination of both western and alternative medicine, is probably the most sensible route overall, it is worth looking at the benefits of an […]

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You Should Try The DIY Detox Bath – Have A Home Spa Day And Soak Away Aches, Pains, Harmful Toxins, Pesticides And Heavy Metals

We are all aware about the importance of body detoxification. Our bodies need to be relieved of overburdening toxins. As not all of the products which enter in our bodies are excreted, our bodies discharge waste daily. Remnants of unabsorbed nutrients turn into toxins overtime. Therefore it is absolutely essential to eliminate built up toxins. […]

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Did You Know That The Best-Selling Toothpaste Contains Hazardous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical…

Some of the most obvious ones are found in the soaps and antibacterial wipes, but you can also find it in cutting boards, toys, clothing, household furnishings, pet food dispensers, and much more. Despite the pervasive use of this chemical, it has potentially harmful effects, especially for children. Research has shown that triclosan can alter […]

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Forget about Cough Syrup, Pineapple Juice Is 5 Times More Effective

You probably didn’t know that pineapple juice is 500% more effective against cough than cough syrup is. But, it’s true. Fresh pineapples contain a substance known as bromelain. It is a specific type of enzyme that has anti-inflammatory characteristics which can combat infections and eradicate bacteria. One glass pineapple juice also contains nearly half the […]

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