Breasts grow for three sizes in 6 minutes: No bra, implants or surgery! (VIDEO)

A blogger Boucher Natalie made a real stir when she publicly revealed her trick for breast enlargement.

The perfect combination of light and shadow can make your breasts look visually much bigger.

Australian blogger Boucher Natalie made a real stir in the world of make-up when she published a video which shows just how makeup can increase the breasts.

Boucher, in the video, which is seen more than 3.7 million times, proved that makeup is not just for the face when she increased her breasts by as much as three numbers using the old trick of contouring.

It is a technique that has existed for some time, but has become popular thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who use it to make pointed her cheeks.

However, it seems that the contouring moved slightly lower than the face.
Whether you just want to improve what you have or like Boucher want to make drastic changes, follow her instructions and for six minutes you will have larger breasts (at least for a while).

Dania Heflin

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